Short Descriptive of Pike's Market in Seattle.

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This was graded on creative writing styles. It's written mainly in fragments.

A Walk through Seattle's Heart (Pike's Place Market)

The strong smell of salt water in the cool, brisk air. The clippety-clop of shoes on the sidewalk. The delicious smell of food being freshly prepared, that is indistinguishable because of the all the different foods being cooked in such a close proximity. Tourist chattering excitedly. Horns honking to try and get through the masses of people crowded on the streets.

The smell of imported spices floating through the air, quickly turning into a poignant smell of raw fish and sea food. The bright colors of the fresh vegetables. The merchant's chants to buy their goods.

The artistic creations of our city's people on display. Hand painted plates, jewelry and clothing. Art, in our eyes, and in the eyes of the tourists that purchase them. The man on the circle, homeless, painting on old boards with even older, dried up paints, trying to convince each passer-by to purchase his 'art.'

The blues singers in this corner that mime on that corner. The blind man on the piano, the crippled man clown.

A city so explosive with culture and diversity, that everyone has a place and is at home. So far beyond the realm of reality, yet it is real. Almost surreal.