"She's too old to be a cheerleader. Who does she think she is? Some sixteen year old?"

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There are quite a few parents who are in there later 30's and they try to expose themselves to the teenage part of life. They believe that they are still young and can do many things there teen sons and/or daughters can do. Which is true, they can do a lot of things there sons or daughter may do but there is an extent to how far these parents can go.

I have a friend her parents are in their later 30's, they are very nice people. Between the parents they have their up's and down's. When they are having problems among each other I see the mother hanging out with her daughters friends. Why, you may ask? In my opinion it takes her mind of things, she enjoys young people's company, or better yet she might want to get to know her daughter's friends. But still you might ask, isn't that a bit to much? I feel parents should get to know their children's friend(s) because it will give them a chance to know what kind of people your child is associating with.

But I also say on the other hand they should keep their distance their son or daughter might feel uncomfortable.

Parents should act their age because they are a big influence on their kids. If parents start acting like teenagers whose going to discipline their own son or daughter. I understand it is a tough time for parents because they were that age once but they should never get to involved in being a teenager themselves. They have plenty of responsibilities and acting like a teenager shouldn't be one of them.