School uniforms should be eliminated

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Today was Hanukah, and Jason was extremely excited. Jason is like any other high school kid, he gets decent grades and plays soccer. However, Jason also happens to be Jewish and has to wear his yarmulke every holiday. The yarmulkes showed that he is pure and celebrating Hanukah. His school didn't allow yarmulkes, however, so he then had to go to school with out his yarmulke for it was breaking school rules. If uniforms are enforced then religious kids like Jason will have to give up their expression that they are a certain religion.. No one should have this individuality taken away just so a school could be unified; all Jason wanted was to celebrate Hanukah. School uniforms eliminate individuality.

True, school uniforms make schools more organized; however, it will also cause rebellious behaviors among the student body. Students will then test the limits of the school uniforms.

For example, John is one of the school's most troubled kids. He has been expelled from 2 schools and is currently attending Esperanza. He often breaks school dress codes, when we don't even have a school uniform. Now, if we had uniforms, what he would do is unbelievable. A student who doesn't follow a school's dress code when there isn't a uniform is surely not going to wear a school uniform when it is required. School dress codes are very lenient and John is still breaking the rules, uniforms being established will make even more rules for rebellious kids like john to break. In another case, Cassie, a girl also attending Esperanza is not a trouble maker, but she has a very unique dressing style. She often wears weird things like caution tape or torn up clothes that get her in trouble occasionally. All she really is doing is...