The rise of violent crime in Canada

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Violent crime in Canada is on the rise in Canada as well as the types of violent

crimes being committed against the public. It has been on the rise for many, many

years. I believe and intend to prove in the following essay that it is societies

responsibility for the rise of violent crime with their unwillingness and inability to

effectively deal with the current trend in our society. In the last few years, a slight dip

in violent crime has been noted, but we must view this with skepticism as no official

statistics are available. As well as this could be an example of society realizing that the

Criminal Justice System is not effectively dealing with the trend of violence in Canada.

This would be true by way of the fact that people are not reporting these crimes to the

police. Generally all the statistics that are gathered and used by the police are based

upon reported crime and no conjecture on unreported crime is included in these official


To fully understand what violent crime is, we must first define what violent

crime is in actuality. All to often, people in Canadian society refer to general

wrongdoing as being a crime. A simple example of this is when grocery stores all raise

their prices for certain food products. People then refer very casually to this act as a

crime or that these prices are criminal. Individuals in our Society often have a fear of

being victimized by others, such as the government, friends and or strangers. This fear

is often equated with crime since all crimes have a winner and a loser or victim as

would be the legal term. This equation often makes involvement in these acts of

'crime' a personal thing. Which results in stronger feelings...