The Rise of and Basic Beliefs of Islam.

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Islam was one of the fastest movements that ever occurred. In less than 200 years, Islam had spread to Northern Africa and Southern Europe. It could have spread farther but was stopped by the French of that time. Before the formation of Islam, the area between Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iran were homes to nomads. Islam united the Arab peoples and expanded their territories. They brought many other empires and countries under their control. Polytheistic and pagan views were changed into monotheistic. Obviously, most traditions were changed. Islam was a successful movement because it revolutionized traditional Arabic society.

Before they were united, Arab tribes roamed the desert. They raided other tribes and fought for their family, honor, and survival. Muhammad helped unite the scattered tribes and random cities in a common religion, Islam. Once united, the Muslims started forming an empire. They attacked and defeated empires in their area and went on conquests to farther lands.

These people became organized, and fought for a common goal, one that did not differ from one person to the next. Thus they were able to spread their lands. The Arabic empire became very large.

Previous to Muhammad's teachings, the majority of Arabs worshiped either many or no gods at all. They thought those who worshiped one god inferior. "...[Christians and Jews] were looked down upon by the nomadic Bedouin, most of whom remained pagan." (Kisblansky 202). Even when Muhammad first introduced and started preaching monotheistic views, he was seen "as a threat to the survival of his tribe and city." (Kisblansky 203.) At first, he only preached to his wife and relatives. Persecuted by the population of Mecca, he answered the plea of Medina, a city in need. There Islam began to spread. He soon had 10 thousand followers and returned to...