Riots in Heaven!

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The day dawned as such a day should dawn of norm

Out of east raised the face of the glorified bright orb

Bringing little to preach about even with an artist's horn

Till came the news of the murdered sons to ears of horde

Quarter pass three, district Maafannu was massing slow

Some to pay respect for the brothers that be gone

As others ventured to witness the acts of the evil law

That hath pressed onto the dead, most inhuman horrors

Teenagers, still years ahead on the candle of theirs for flame to burn

Though in captive prison to spent had they been forced

Breath was theirs and a far freedom was a light at end of their tunnel

For which at least, these addicts of trouble was surly looking forth

And though I still dream of these lads with harrowing detail

Of the bruises paid by wardens with heartless inhuman ways

I still shiver at the folds of burns with their shades of pain

To wakeup tasting the last of the breath they must have spent

Just to feel my thoughts flash betwixt the dead & the day

Whence my countrymen decided to smear the smiles away

Off the faces of the green attired gun happy siblings of the scamp

Who had suppressed our thoughts given much foul thoughts & pain

The mob that rose called not peace but inflicted blows with rage

Laid bare the police outposts, set fire to much of their glorified travel

For united were the hurt and the dickens people of this democratic cage

Hence even the minions of the law were beaten blue and beaten well

Till the president, shaking called for the angered to return home again

For promised was a fair look into what went wrong in prison that day...