The Riots in France

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France is facing with big problems nowadays, the minorities are not happy with the regulations of French government.

The 2 main policies which France fails in regulation made them so angry and react full. First policy which is the mass unemployment policy and the other is equality in every sense.

First of all these two problems in regulations are somehow affect each other in a really dangerous way. The unemployment rate in France increased %23 and the youth coming unemployment rates are near %40 which are the worst unemployment rate in Europe. The percentage of minorities in this picture is bigger then the regular French citizens.

Also the inequality and the policy which has been practicing on Muslims (interrogating by police for no reason, prohibition of headscarf in schools) all reflects with unemployment problems. Young Muslim men are having hard time to be accepted for a job then their female nationals or the females who has the same religion or the French people. Even if they accepted the jobs will be temporary jobs which are nearly for one and a half month jobs because the permanent jobs are somehow saved for the French nationals with laws. That's why as a solution for this discrimination Claude Bébéar, the president of Institution Montaigne has proposed that job applications should be anonymous.

Also for Muslims in France (French has the biggest Muslim population in Europe) the regulations which are like banning the headscarf and disturbing people because of their skin color in streets and closing mosques, made young-teenage Muslims react and pushed them into violence even if the many of Muslim clerics fatwa's and the declarations of 'the Islam is not about violence and try to forbid them from violence. It didn't work on young angry rebels.

The examples of general discrimination...