The Rights and Privileges of America's Citizens

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A man walks down the street with a bazooka. A bazooka is a VERY powerful weapon. In the U.S., we are allowed the right to bear arms, yet only with a legalized weapon which a bazooka is not. In America we have many different rights and privileges that few other places share. Therefore, all citizens of the U.S. should be thankful for the rights and privileges they enjoy. In this essay, I will explain about the many rights and privileges of all American citizens. Also, I will share with you the extra priviliges that we, as citizens of America, face.

Our country's rights are different from that of any other. One of the many powerful rights we have is: freedom of religion. In this country we are allowed to be of any religion we want and not be harrassed for it. Because of this law the religious people in America feel free to be part of their own religion and not be ridiculed by others for it.

Another major right we have is: the right to vote. With that right to vote we are able to choose our leaders according to our own opinion of how they'd represent our nation as a whole. In much of the other parts of the world they do not share this right. The third and final right I'm going to mention is that we have the right of: trial by jury. This is a great right because it allows us a fair trial.

Next, I'm going to discuss the privileges our country enjoys. We are allowed the privilege of getting a raise in our jobs. That produces us with a great chance to make various advancements in our lives, and careers. Another privilege is that we get to go to various...