The Revival & Preservation of Faith by M. Ilyas (May Allah be pleased with him)

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The reason why we chose this topic is because first and foremost all those who have surrendered and submitted themselves to Islam it is each and every person's responsibility to carry out this work. What work?? The work of the prophets, what was the work of the prophets?? To enjoin good and forbid from evil acts.

People have spent all their lives behind this effort to understand and to bring in the complete religion, so in few minutes it's going to be difficult to present this effort.

The best way of understanding the effort is by engaging your self full heartedly because theirs only so much you can read and talk about it. For e.g. a person who wants to learn how to drive he cannot learn until he indulges himself in the motion of driving.

Almighty Allah in each era, has sent down prophets along with holy books for the guidance of mankind.

The prophets explained the commandments of god to the people.

Through the efforts of these messengers many people were guided and started leading a life, which is liked by the creator, leaving out a life which is disliked by the creator. The messengers were sent down for a limited period of time and for a special mission. Once their mission was fulfilled then god would call them back.

The followers of these prophets would then follow on the teachings of the messengers but as time would elapse people would gradually start going astray again. The call would be for another prophet who would be sent down for the guidance of mankind, similar mission as above similar results. This chain of prophets coming into this world and guiding people carried on until the last prophet Mohammed (pbuh) who was the seal of the prophet hood.

It had...