Research Methods: The British Education System

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Title: the British and foreign university systems.

Research Question:

Is the British university system better than other countries? Is the British university system the main reason why the foreign students prefer to study in UK?

Research Objective:

To identify the differences that there are in the British Education System and to know Why the students prefer the British system.

SECTION 2: (382 words)

Literature Review:

Previous studies carried out in the British Education System and its differences with regard to other countries and also why the students in the UK prefer the British Education System, we have come to the following conclusions.

The British system is different from other countries for its academic reputations, quality courses and for its famous degree and research programmes. The universities´ with the best reputations are Oxford, Cambridge and London.

Refer to the comments from Julie Henry, Education Correspondent, date 28/08/2005 in

In the article we're only here for BA mentions: "The popular UK is currently the second most destination for foreign students after the US, with around 270,000 foreigners studying at British universities"

Therefore the international students prefer to study in the UK for its differences and reputations and also the job prospects that go with them.

Until now we have analyzed the British system in comparison with the world, now we are going to consider it with Europe. A study carried out by the Science and Education Departments on the program Socrates-Erasmus year 2004-2005 shows that: "In the last years an important evolution is taking place. Countries as Belgium, Sweden, Finland or Denmark are more and more requested by the students" and Joseph Sanmitier Vice-president of International Politics of the University from Barcelona published in the Web date 06/02/2006, commented that: " the agreements with the English...