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Good report of what happens at a council meeting be sure to check your spelling mistakes

City Politics

On October 9, I attended the City of Winnipeg, Executive Policy Committee meeting which was made up of Mayor Susan Thompson, Councillors Bill Clement, Jae Eddie, Mike O' Shaughnessy, Amero Silva, and Garth Steek. On the agenda for that day was a presentation by the Yellowhead Highway Association, a hearing delegation from Councillor Lillian Thomas (Elmwood), regarding the redesignation of land between Gateway Road and The City of Winnipeg Hydro Transmission Line, south of Springfield Road and a discussion regarding the sale of land adjacent to Omand's Creek between St. Matthews Avenue and the Winnipeg Velodrome.

The presentation from the Yellowhead Highway Association (YHA) by Linda Walker, was a basic update regarding the progress of developments that have been occurring along the highway, how the YHA is working with City of Winnipeg tourism to promote the city as well as a history of the YHA.

The Executive Policy Committee, seemed to be fairly uninterested with the work that the YHA was doing as many members seemed to be doing other things such as reading the paper and talking to associates. Susan Thompson commended the association's work in helping with the promotion of the City of Winnipeg along with the development of the Yellowhead Highway. The only comment that came from another member of the committee was from Councillor Mike O' Shaughnessy who felt that a map that was included in the YHA's information package should be updated.

I thought that the presentation done by The Yellowhead Highway Association was very informative as to how the group helps promote tourism and what improvements are being made to the Yellowhead Highway. This was the first time that I had ever heard of...