Report on Representation of Male Nurses, In Popular Media Sources

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1 Introduction

1.1 Aim

This report aims to reveal the misrepresentation of male nurses in popular media.

1.2 Sources

The sources researched by this report can be found in Section 5 "Bibliography". These sources were selected because of their

1.3 Authorisation

This report was commissioned by the "Men In The Media Taskforce" established by the Commonwealth Government of Australia

2 Findings

2.1 Collage

3 Analysis

This section of the report will thoroughly analyse the how male nurses are being represented in media texts.

3.1 Use of language

This section of the report will focus on the written and visual language in the text of the collage. This language could either be as body language or written language.

3.1.1 Written language

The written language in the collage has two following discourses.

Male nurses are almost always regarded as homosexuals

" based more on ideas of what is masculine and what is not than any objective assessment of sexual life styles.

If a man has 'feminine' traits, such as empathy and caring, they are assumed to be gay."

Most male nurses believe that they are not fairly represented by the media.

3.1.2 Visual Language

In the majority of pictures male nurses were seen as:

- Solitary figures

- In blue "Scrubs"

- Caring or sympathetic

- Not necessarily well built

3.1.3 Appearance

The appearance of male nurses vary as demonstrated by the "Are You Man Enough To Be A Nurse?" text but the following discourses can be noted:

- Varying ages

- Various builds (physical)

- Well kept

3.1.4 Values and beliefs

The following values and beliefs can be obtained from the texts within the collage.

- Male nurses are seen as competent as female nurses.

- That male nurses may be better leaders...