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Their shoes squeaked as they made their way through the wet and slippery grass, walking counter-clockwise around the circular bog, studying its characteristics for a class project. The sky was gray, though there was not a cloud to be seen. The class was on a field trip, as the teachers had decided to give the students a sort of "hands-on" experience with the wetland, as it coincided with their current unit in science class.

Tom Johnson stared up at the sky, having a premonition, a feeling in his gut that something bad might happen today. While he walked lazily along the hidden path, his two best friends, Jack Blackwell and Dana Williams, were comparing lists of the characteristics they had found. Jack was insisting that his entry of listing the bog as "green" was alright, while Dana was telling him that their instructors had said to "be very specific", and that he should list it as "forest green".

"What do you think, Tom?" Jack asked him, giving him a look that signified to Tom that he should lean toward Jack's side of the argument.

"Well...", Tom replied, his voice trailing off while he thought for a second. "I think you're both right. Jack, you're right in saying that the swamp is green, but then again, Dana's right on the hand that Mr. Turner and Mrs. Corinthos did tell us to be very specific."

Dana stuck her tounge out at Jack. Jack opened his mouth to make a rude reply, but thought better of it, and just sighed. Dana then turned to Tom.

"So, what have you got down?" She asked him interestedly.

Tom peered down at his list. The only characteristic that he had put down was "green", as he had not been paying much attention to the bog,