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Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino was born in 1963 in Knoxville, Tennessee, the son of a 16 year old nursing student Connie and a 21 year old law student and aspiring actor Tony. He was named after Burt Reynolds' character, Quint in 'Gunsmoke'. When Quentin was 2, they moved to South Los Angeles, which is where Quentin grew up. His mother took him to the cinema from an early age, he saw 'Carnal Knowledge' at the age of 8 and Deliverance' at the age of 9. From this early introduction Tarantino fell in love with the cinema and went at every opportunity.

At the age of 22, he got a job in Video Archives, a video store in Manhattan Beach, California where he and Rogerx Avery spent all day watching and discussing and recommending videos. He made his first (unfinished) film in 1986, 'My Best Friend's Birthday' and followed this up by writing his first script, 'True Romance' a year later.

During this period, he was attending acting classes and put together a CV of his (non-existent) acting experience which included a role in Jean Luc Goddard's 'King Lear' because nobody in Hollywood would have heard of the film or director and 'Dawn of the Dead' by George Romero because he resembled a biker in one of the scenes. His role in 'King Lear' is actually listed in Leonard Maltin's video guide.

By 1988, Tarantino had written his second script, 'Natural Born Killers' and in 1990 he sold the script for 'True Romance' for $50,000. He decided to use this money to make his third script, 'Reservoir Dogs' on 16mm and in black and white with his friends in the leading roles. It was around this point that Tarantino left the video store to do rewrites for CineTel, a...