Propose a plan to close an assemble plant. How would you handle this situation?

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This is a plan that will be used in the process of shutting down the business in Eastland, Michigan. The most important process in closing down the business is to remember the employees that will be out of a job. This all goes to common morality in business ethics. The employees should be given at least a six month notice before the closing of the business, and a choice to transfer to another facility of their (employees) choice, with the business paying for the expense to move. If some of the employees don't want to transfer, the business will set up interviews at the plant for the employees with the unemployment office to put them first in line for a job after the closing. The top managers of the business will be the ones to notify the employees of the future shut down of the plant by having meeting with all shifts to inform them of the company's plans to close down and what they (managers) are going to do to help them find another job.

The business will offer health benefits to their employees for sixty days after the closing and offer them to keep their current health plan at a reasonable price. If the employee chooses not to keep their health coverage, sixty days is enough time for them to find alternate coverage. This is a part of common morals by caring and showing the sincerity that the company is concerned about the employees' future will being.

Employees, managers, customers, suppliers, the community, and the stockholders are all considered stakeholders in the business (Beauchamp & Bowie, 2004, p. 46), and each one will be affected by the shut down of the business. Managers and employees will lose their benefits, such as health benefits, and salary, which could cause...