Product Loyalty of Tampax Tampons: Why I remain loyal - discusses history of, product development, and development of loyalty

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In order for a product to be successful, companies depend on consumer loyalty. A loyal customer will come back again and again, providing a steady income for the company. In order to gain this loyalty the company needs to develop marketing strategies, and a product that will keep consumers they already have while still attracting new ones. After all consumers do not live forever, but a products maturity stage of the life cycle might. They must have a product that gains attention and satisfies a need or want of a consumer (Armstrong & Kotler, 2007).

In the following paragraphs I will discuss Tampax Tampons, a product that I have been loyal to for years. I will explain the reasons for my loyalty, talk about the history and strategies they have used over the years to attract customers, and conclude with a summary of why the research I did helped me to better understand my loyalty.

My Loyalty

I am loyal to Tampax Tampons for various reasons. The first reason is that this product actually works. I have tried other products over the years and found some that have leaked, and some that worked just as well, but did not offer the convenience of Tampax.

The second reason I like these tampons is the biodegradable applicators. I like having the convenience of being able to just flush the applicator. In certain public restrooms they do not have waste receptacles in the stalls. This means you have to carry your tampon out of the stall to put it in a trash can. Being able to flush allows me to keep my privacy and saves me the hassle. The fact that they are biodegradable means that it will eventually disintegrate back into the earth. Allowing me to be environmentally responsible, while staying...