Primitive Love Call

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Standards break, applause

Beams of light follows.

Highlighted we find her.

Arms held high as her brow.

Smile running upon her look

While meet she hoots & hollows.

Drums heighten the hour

Whence her arms be lowered

Till they be found in akimbo

The beat of the drum heightens & stop.

A trickle of sound followth by bellow

Turns ye eyes to the foyer.

Whence stand a man naked

Only covered by a loin cloth.

Whip in hand, followed by Lions both.

Snarling it marches on, towards her.

Breath be bound in your chest

As single one on left butts her to ground.

Whilst the other pounce atop her.

Snarling all the time the man watched afar.

Flames of a torch he hath taken lights his brow

Breaths he the flame in thence release it all

Lions fly amok & afar grimacing with fear

He lifts her up to a stand, hugging her dear

Staggers she a little on release

But brave she be to stand

Amidst the circle the Lions made

Blade drawn the man charge the menace

Rushing them with blade & torch

Slay them he does by one by one.

Adoration springs into her eyes

For this kind valiant fellow

Little is known of the pact drawn

Between the man & the slew'n

Such is the drama of life

Truth is such, I presume.

For the conceive of love in ones life

Better, the find of a lovely wife.

For acts as such given breeds.

Seeds of compassion in eyes that be need

Turn of heart soon it hence assures.

Fact my friend this herald bluntly

Practiced o'er this commune globe

Even in fables wrought be it by Shakespeare

For likes of him have seen & knoweth love

As but a name with no mean, which I applaud

For other lips ever pry at the word but knoweth not

What ever that they feel could be naught love

But a archaic yearning to couple hence grow

Thy seed for the fields of morrow.

Wherein cometh the play, which be just a love call.

A fore play were the chemistry may differ

From bouquets flourished with chocolates

Or compassionate wooing in just a different dress

A primitive urge to mate & that is what it is

The truth behind Love, just nothing else at all.