"The Powerlessness in the Black Diaspora" by Charles Green

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Black people whether from North America, Africa, West Indies, etc. all live different lives in different countries. While reading "The Powerlessness in the Black Diaspora", by Charles Green I have realized how black people still go through the same struggles even though they can be in different parts of the world. Powerlessness is a strong word that can be used with strong actions. When Powerlessness is manufactured by three factors such as Colonialism, Globalization, and Urbanization people can then see the strength that powerlessness holds towards black people throughout the African Diaspora.

With the factor of colonialism we can notice that powerlessness towards black people began with having countries such as England, France, and Spain come to different African colonies and start over powering the citizens way of living and even incorporating a knew language into the new colonized country. When these countries decided they wanted to be free from colonization they separated prematurely.

Prematurely, in the sense that they were not financially ready for this transformation. They than rely on different countries such as the United States to help them financially, in belief that it is for their own help. When really countries such as the United States are actually exploiting them for there own good. Now these countries are in debt, and this is called chronic dependency.

Globalization introduces the patterns in which different African Diaspora countries go through with economical and societal problems. The factor of Urbanization explains the impact with struggle that families, and communities have within each other. The different social actions that occur in urban areas sometimes can create a background for powerlessness in these specific areas.

In cases where African Diaspora countries settled such as the West Indies and North America, colonization by the European countries was enforced in order to maintain...