Position Paper on Sikh's being allowed to wear daggers to school. (Canada based)

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I feel that allowing Sikh's the right to carry their daggers is discriminatory against me. If I were to walk into Glendale tomorrow with the exact same dagger on my side the school would flip out, it would be taken from me, the police would be called and I would be suspended for bringing a weapon to school.

Since when did someone's rights become more important than mine, so much so that it can endanger my well being and life? What if the next minority religion decides it would be best if all followers of their god should carry guns. Where do we draw the line, we have already opened up a legal president for them argue there way in.

If the school is public property and therefor should be equally accepting to all persons no matter what there religion or stance is, then why must visitors check with the main office? If its public land it should be open to anyone and everyone who decides they need to walk the halls and check out whats going on in the school.

The schools draw the line were they see fit. Since this is a matter of public safety then section one of the charter of rights and freedoms applies. You should not be allowed to carry it based on religion. In many religions women have no rights. Does that mean in Canada if you are a women who follows that religion you are granted no rights? No, it doesn't so why should it work the other way? If you follow a certain religion you do not have to follow the schools rules, or the boards rules?

If that is the case then what next, firearms are going to be fine in schools if you follow a religion that comes...