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It was a shock for me when I first accidentally discovered a so-called "Sexy-Image" in a top rated porn website at the age of 15. Well I'm now being a 17 year old I'm not ashamed to confess that still I'm not that urban creature and I was shocked because I had a certain outline of morality which was about to injure by the sexually explicit image. As spirituality declines, outlets of sexual deviance typically ensure in order to take advantage of the profit potential made available by the sex-consumerism. In the 1980s, the feminist Andrea Dworkin foresaw that pornography would become mainstream soon, which has become partly true. Yes I'm facing trouble to explain 'partly' because the statistics claims the majority but ignoring all that, we should learn to prepare ourselves for the forthcoming porn-age. Infact the prophecy has come true- from the tv-channel porn to spam e-mails, which bring raw hardcore scenes to innocent computer users.

Even Madonna, mother of two wears T-shirts fashioned with the images of popular porn-stars.

The graphical view would tell us the eternal truth- it was, it is and it will and in much bigger aspect pornography has become the wallpaper of our life. The formal thoughts demand a view whether viewing pornography is a symbol of moral-perversion. Well, there is much difference between change and difference of "different" and "abnormal". Moral police would be with abnormality when it comes to "offensive" things. But can we define a parameter of what is offensive and what is not in a country like India where secularism and liberty is the official motto of life. Whatever the political sympathy of the Government is, India is a country with controversial thoughts and traditions. Mostly SEX is considered as a taboo topic. Sometimes taking decisions like introducing sex-education...