Persuasive essay on controversial subject: Gender Bias against men in custody cases

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Gender Bias in Court, What is 'in the best interest of the child?' A Case for Fathers.

Imagine we are looking in on a family as their story unfolds, we see a, man *Paul with his wife *Wendy. They are proud parents of two children, a 12 year-old boy and an eight year-old girl. As the family comes home from a grand vacation, the children talk excitedly about the good times they had, the boy enjoyed the three days at Disney world, while the young lady liked the eight days in Europe best. After the parents bring in the last of the luggage, Wendy turns to Paul, and says that she wants out of the marriage. Wendy can see Paul is in shock, so she spells out for him that she will never again have sex with him. On that day Paul was evicted from his home, and his family.

Paul was never unfaithful or abusive, and Wendy divorces him for irreconcilable differences. In another home not far away a wife bursts into angry tears, as she finds her husband is involved with another woman. Carol screams at Tony to 'leave and go be with his mistress'. The couple has three girls and one boy, who all run in fear into the oldest child's room. The children in both these cases are now in a home without a father, even though Paul has visitation, the short visits are not enough for him to make a real parental impact on his children's lives. Tony was not a good husband to Carol as he betrayed and hurt her deeply. Tony is still however important in his children's life. Paul now has to work longer and harder, he has to find a new home, and finance both his and his now former...