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My fitness program will utilize the F.I.T.T. Principle. Frequency is simply how often you exercise. Intensity is how hard you work. You should always exercise with enough intensity so that you know there is going to be improvement, but not so much that you might end up getting hurt. Time refers to how long you exercise. It is how long you exercise each day or every time you work out. Types are the modes of exercise you choose to build your body.

The Frequency of my workout for cardiovascular endurance will start with three training sessions per week and will gradually increase regularity to five sessions per week. The Intensity is seventy to eighty-five percent of maximum heart rate (220-age) during a workout. My Intensity, depends on my target zone, for this program will be 137.9 bpm -167.5 bpm. The Time of my workout will begins with twenty minutes and then gradually progress to sixty minutes at seventy to eighty-five percent of maximal heart rate.

The Types of exercise I will be working out are swimming and jogging.

My fitness program will also employ the muscular strength and endurance. A workout with weights should exercise the body's primary muscle groups, which are the deltoids, pectorals, triceps and biceps, quadriceps and hamstrings, gluteus maximus, trapezius and rhomboids, and abdomen. The frequency of this workout will be two to three days per week. The intensity is the amount enough to enhance muscle strength. The duration for a work out with weights is eight to twelve repetitions of eight to ten different exercises. The types of exercise I will use are machines and free weights to improve my strength.

A fitness program should always include a flexibility period, which is a stretching stage to enhance the ability of the respiratory, circulatory, and neuromuscular...