Perseverance or Pain

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This great story of strength and great perseverance of the physical pain and the consequences as well as the rewards that come with it. Little did I realize that day would be a test of my mental capacity for pain and to make a choice from something I wanted or my health. It was a cold winter morning and the ground was still frosty. My family and I have been camping since I was born and it was a normal day during hunting season. I had reached my blind and stand in the night of the morning with hopes of a good successful hunt. I looked up towards my tree stand and realized that I had forgotten the safety rope the night before. The limbs were still gleaming from frost and a little stick. So I hung my bow on my shoulder and started the long slippery climb.

When I had reached my tree stand, my bow had started to slip from my shoulder and I quickly grasped the base of my stand with my left hand.

My hand had slipped off the stand as well as my food from the branch and desperately grabbing for something to catch myself, I began the long descent to the bottom. After breaking branches and excruciating pain for what seemed to take a extended amount of time, the blackness of a wet and spongy ground, broke my fall.

I lay on the ground, and didn't move until I could see the visible gleam of the frost on the fallen leaves. I looked to my right to see if my bow was damaged in any way, it didn't seem to be. After finally peeling myself up off the ground and to my knees, I reached over and grabbed my bow. Feeling with my tender...