People work more productively in teams than individually. Teamwork requires cooperation, which motivates people much more than individual competition does.

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In the topic above, there are three alleged facts asserted. We will look at each fact closely, and pick the alleged fact that is most controversial, at least, to me. First, the fact that "People work more productively in teams than individually" is quite agreeable because more people working often means more products produced. Next, the fact that "Teamwork requires cooperation" is also agreeable. Without cooperation, teamwork would be full of confliction and confusion. Finally, the fact that "cooperation gives motivation much more than competition does" is errornaneous, I believe. This alleged fact is a very controversial one.

It has always been skeptical to claim that cooperation motivates people "much" more than individual competition does. If it really gave more motivation than the competition did, the quality of motivation given by cooperation would not be "much" higher than the one given by individual competition. Generally, both competition and cooperation play crucial roles in the performance of a team.

However, they play different roles to serve different ends, that is, competition compels a single person to work hard, while cooperation mainly increases the team's performance.

On the one side, competition is the reason why a person keep working. Note that the word "competition", mentioned here, means the competition between a person in the team and a person who is not in the team. For example, let assume that a company is one big team, when you work in a company, you are producing benefit for the company, and you keep producing and trying to raise your performance because you know deeply in your heart that if the company can find someone better than you, you will be fired. Sadly, this kind of competition is the fundamental reason why a person keep working harder and harder. (As for another sense...