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What is a Good Family?

A family by definition is parents and their children, considered as a group, whether dwelling together or not. That is just the definition of family, but not all families are the same, families have many different characteristics that distinguish them from everyone else. Every single family is unique in some way. No two families are completely identical; there are some characteristics that make it easy to distinguish which family is which. It is extremely difficult to distinguish which family is a good family and which is a bad family. A good family obviously has to consist of both biological parents and their own children. It is crucially important for a child to develop with both parents by their side or else the child will not develop properly because it needs love and affection from both mother and father. Everyone has their own perspective of what a good family is there is really no set of characteristics stating what a good family is.

There are many characteristics that play a crucial role in people's perspective of what a good family is.

Without characteristics of people in families we would never be capable of determining what a good family is. In my opinion a good family consists of parents that have a lengthy magnitude of patience, love and understanding. These 3 characteristics are crucial in a family because a child needs to feel comfortable within his/her family and these characteristics allow the child to feel comfortable and supported. A good family consists of parents who are extremely flexible and can change their personality and attitude within seconds in order to improve the life of their child. This flexibility allows the family to overcome impediments and continue on with their life and experience moments of happiness. The most...