A paper on an example of criminal conduct where the alleged perpetrator has been identified as reported by a legitimate news source.

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I have chosen to identify a criminal misconduct in the case regarding Mr. Walter C. Anderson, a multimillion dollar businessman from Washington. Mr. Anderson was a telecommunications tycoon who was the original employee of The MCI Corporation, and also was the founder of Mid Atlantic Telecom Incorporation, Esprit Telecom Group PLC, and Telco Communications Group Incorporation. This telecom mogul committed tax fraud in the amount of two hundred million dollars and he lied about his yearly income in his tax return. Mr. Anderson admitted that he hid more than three hundred sixty-five million dollars. In 1998, Mr. Anderson made more then one hundred twenty-six million dollars and he reported on that year that he only made about sixty-eight thousand dollars. He also had offshore bank accounts, and many different people helping him conceal this money. Anderson did plead guilty on three charges, two of the counts were for evading federal taxes and one was for defrauding the D.C.

government with a counterfeit tax return. Prosecutors still believe that Mr. Anderson has money lying around somewhere, even though he denies it and told the court that the money is all gone.

I believe that Mr. Anderson's crime could be classified under the general strain crime theory. This is because his crime could have been a result of his stress about taxes and money. In the general strain crime theory, the criminal feels stressed and hassled about an issue at hand. In this case, he possibly felt stressed or pressured to pay his taxes because when a person makes this much money, they have to pay a lot of taxes on the money that was made. Mr. Anderson most likely felt burdened about his taxes. It is possible that he had the mentality of not wanting to pay hundreds of thousands of...