The Ozone Layer

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Man-made gases called chlorofluorcarbons are responsible for a large part of the damage to the ozone. They were used in refridgerators, air conditioners, spray cans, stirofoam, and packaging. CFC's were good because they could be easily converted to a liquid or a gas easily, and back, their non-toxic, and non-flammable. The chlorine molecules in cfc's can break down a possible hundred thousand ozone molecules before they themselves are destroyed which lead to cfc's eventually being banned. Use of fossil fuels are also a serious risk to the ozone due to the large amount of carbon dioxide they put in the ozone.

The amount of ultraviolet rays that are getting through the tattered ozone are causing various diseases including but definitly not limited melenoma. A hole above the south pole are melting ice and causing water levels to rise which will eventually, if not stopped, cause flooding. There are also some plants which are also sensitive to ultraviolet light.

Two thirds of three hundred crops tested were sensitive to the rays. Forest death is also suspected to be caused by ultraviolet light.

To stop further damage to the horribly weakend ozone cars are being designed to become more fuel efficent as well as some large machinery to reduce carbon dioxide that is being released into the atmosphere, along with replacing fossil fuels with other fuels such as natural gas and solar power which is becoming more popular each year.