Origin of the Family Feud- "Romeo and Juliet"

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When will the quarrel end? On the peaceful streets of Verona, when the Capulets and Montagues met, their ancient feud was triggered, causing two peoples' death, and one person's exile. Tybalt and started to be provoked by Mercutio. Tybalt wanted to challenge Romeo, but was rejected by him. Mercutio stood up to fight for Romeo, but was no match for Tybalt, leading to his death. Romeo, who was enraged by the death of his best friend, killed Tybalt.

An eye-witness account from Benvolio, whose close friend was killed, and cousin was exiled, claimed Tybalt to be fighting Mercutio, with Romeo at the side trying to stop them brawling. His efforts turned in to waste, when Tybalt injured Mercutio, leading to the death of Mercutio. Tybalt quickly fled the scene, with Romeo behind chasing him, and gave him a dead blow. The fight they had had got the citizens outraged, and Romeo, realizing what he had done, quickly fled.

The noble Prince arrived, with the company of his officers and citizens of Verona. Benvolio, who claimed "Of Tybalt deaf to peace", wanted justice for Mercutio and Romeo innocent. The Lady Capulet was accusing the Montagues of using more twenty people to kill Tybalt.

The Prince, who had enough of the bloody fights between the families and had his kinsman Mercutio killed, would not listen to their excuses, and declared "when he is found, that hour is his last", meaning Romeo will be killed when he is found inside Verona. The Prince, who decided to have Romeo killed, since he thinks that it will stop the quarrel, said "Mercy but murders, pardoning those that kill."

Will a family feud like this ever end? The people of Verona have had enough of the violence of the two families, since it's the second time they had a fight lately, causing inconvenience to the citizens of Verona.