Organizational Behavior Trends

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Two current aspects of organizational behavior trends are: 1) the influence of ethics on decision making and 2) the significance of technology as it relates to stress at work.

With all the corporate scandals reported in the news and rumors of self serving, greedy CEO's running amuck, the question of ethics in the workplace is sure to arise. Based on the corrupt society we live in one can easily see why someone would question the moral conduct of people in positions of power. The age of information technology is upon us and due to the advances in this field; life has become more stressful for people at work. The reasons behind higher stress levels at work range from lack of resources to being accused of not being a team player by co- workers.

Organizations have a responsibility to their employees to set the standards for ethical business practices. Each company needs to have a written business code of conduct for acceptable and non acceptable standards.

To insure company policy adherence each employee must be familiar with the exact guidelines for expected behavior as a representative of that organization. When specific guidelines are issued and communicated, making the correct decision is easier to be facilitated. If an organization is consistent in requiring workers to follow its policies, the company has a greater chance of being viewed as respectable.

The actions displayed by employees even outside of work hours are a reflection on the organization at all times. Therefore, personnel should be mindful of their actions and the image projected to outsiders as an officer of their organization. Most people do not want to work for an employer with an unsavory reputation. The association with a scandalous organization causes others to question the morality of those willing to work for that company.