Oral on the fall of the Berlin wall, Rise of the German People and Relevance to Australia

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Could you imagine a country? Australia - our country. A country that has been decimated by war from the largest super powers in the World; America, France and England. Just imagine this split occurring in our peaceful nation. Imagine a split nation. No longer a whole, but instead a southern and northern Australia.

Southern Australia:

New South Wales


South Australia


Northern Australia:


Northern Territory

Western Australia

A divided country that no longer is controlled by the people, but the governing leaders. A country where the government are not afraid of their people, but the people are afraid of their government. A country that has abolished all free thought and opinion. A country where suppression and depression rule. If you can visualise this horrific image, I welcome you to the country of Germany.

Today I shall inform you about the contribution that the people of Germany made in overcoming suppression and oppression in their country and the movement that occurred resulting in the abolishment one of the most symbolic walls in history, the Berlin Wall.

The people of Germany, from the construction of the Berlin wall in 1961 up until its eradication in 1989 actively worked in a non-violent way to try and successfully create a peaceful solution. In doing this, they were able to also able to create a revolution forever changing the political system and the civil rights of all.

The wall was an iconic symbol from the Cold War. It was introduced by the East German administration and endorsed by the Soviet leader of the time, Nikita Khrushchev. As we know, it was constructed to separate East from West Germany. East Germany was controlled by the communist regime of the Soviet Union while West Germany was a democracy supported by the US. Stopping the...