Often people try to consider the main reasons why people commit crimes.

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Often people try to consider the main reasons why people commit crimes. All types of people commit crimes and for different reasons. Crime is unavoidable, and there are no places in the world that crime does not exist. These places would be perfect places and there are no perfect places in this world. Many times people think that crimes are done by "bad" people or people who are poor and have nothing therefore they resort to lives of crime but this is not true. Crimes are committed due to the social forces of a community not strictly an individuals shortcomings. There are many things in a person's life that can alter one's morals and contribute to a life of crime. Nobody is born a criminal, it's not something that is hereditary, but as an individual goes through life certain social forces can contribute to people committing crimes and acts of deviance.

Crime and deviance our inevitable; wherever you look in the world crime and deviance our there. People tend to believe that crime can be controlled by strict police and inflexible laws with severe punishments. Even with more strict laws and harsher punishments crime will still exist. Crime and acts of deviance are apart of a society, a society wouldn't be complete without crime. Without crime and deviance a community wouldn't function properly and the world would be an easy place to live. The world is not an easy place to live; it is a daily struggle of survival and only the people who work and fight the hardest will come out on top. When people are struggling they tend to take extreme measures. For instance, if a man was trying to get a job and to make money for his family and kept being rejected food and other needs...