Notes from a Lecture on Karl Marx and the Communist Manifesto

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Why would people stay behind, when they heard the warnings that they might be flooded.

25% of the people in N.O. didn't have a car.. and struck @ a ad time of the month.. toward the end of stamps/ unemployment stamps were coming soon.

Economic Determinism- Defines/ shapes how we have to live out lives... our ability to work/ buy sell goods and our material possessions.

What else determines one's way of life? (clearly economic determinism is one)

POVERTY - ECONOMIC condition in which an individual can't attain the basic neccessieites of life i.e. food water, shelter, and health care

Poverty is a continual cycle... how can you become rich.. if you're growing food how can you create a surplus... without any money, how can you move to a better area when you have no money to do so. If the gov. then can't tax you, how can they build roads and an education system? This is perpetual Poverty

How do communities improve

-build schools

-build roads

-better agriculture

What can be done however, if none of these things are able to be afforded.

What if the people at the top of the ladder (having a disproportionate amount of wealth) can affect the politicians with money and other things, and lock all the other people in their place.. because there isn't really a ladder that exist.

Marxism is simply a theory of determinism... (most extreme?) marx does after all explain the entire system and the entire outline/ structure of one's life.

Industrial Revolution

Owners of factors can create surpluses because they own the means of production.. workers are being paid money for their labor, not being forced to trade things to stay alive.

Deforsetation Mining, Detrimental Environmental Effects

Marx sees this change in the early 1800's and sees...