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Non-profit humanitarian organizations who give out a helping hand to Mexican immigrants should be recognized by their services. Although, The United States has its own laws against illegal immigrants crossing international borders, they should still recognize that those are human beings who need assistance no matter the issue, but of course the govt. should take action as needed, in an ethical manner. The humanitarian organizations are only watching out for the survival and health of these immigrants, they are in no way advising, securing, or establishing a way to ensure the illegal immigrants stay in the United States. The United States should take initiative and help out the humanitarian organizations by apprehending the immigrants before they can do damage to them selves by crossing the deserts.

For example, the Boeing Company has been awarded a government contract worth $80-million US to provide new high-tech ways to catch illegal immigrants trying to cross land borders into the U.S.

from Canada and Mexico. The Department of Homeland Security was expected to announce the contract to help secure the borders, which reportedly focuses on a network of high-tech guard towers, cameras and motion detectors. This is a positive strategy that will hopefully detect any sort of alien migration towards the U.S. Not only will this strategy help protect our nation, but also minimize the illegal immigrant death toll that has risen dramatically in the past decade. This way with the new technology, the government will be able to pin-point any suspicious activity, and therefore apprehend the individuals before they harm themselves.

On the other hand, Doug Roupp is an independent humanitarian. His self-appointed mission located in southern Arizona, is to search for illegal aliens in distress, who are attempting the dangerous and increasingly fatal crossing into the States. For providing such help, he...