Nobody Saw Me Do It!

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I hated my younger brother so much. When he was a kid he use to play with my books, cosmetics and my favourite music CD's just to irritate me. He always wanted me to play with him but I was always busy with my own work. He was sometimes adorable, those times I loved him a lot. But I hated him too. He's such a pest!

One day when I was doing my homework alone in my room, my younger brother came into my room. He wanted me to play with him. I shouted at him, but he was pulling my dress. I was really angry with him. I just wanted to hit him but instead I pinched his arm. I pinched him so much that he had a big mark on his arm. Luckily no one was inside the room and no one saw me do it.

My younger brother was so young that he couldn't tell my mom about it.

As time passed he forgot about that day but my mom always use to ask me why my younger brother got that mark on his arm and it was not a birth mark. Whenever my mom started talking about the mark on my younger brother's arm, I use to be very quiet. I never said anything about it.

My younger brother is now 13 years old and he never irritates me. Sometimes he will discuss about the mark on his hand with me, how he got the mark. I always told him that it is a lucky mark for him which will bring success in his life. He was very happy when I tell that about his mark. But today I feel guilty for doing such a thing with my younger brother. I love my younger...