The Naked and the Unseen!!

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I lay, I tarried still, yet roamed far

Over and out, over every spring

Saw the shades of grave winds

That scaled the walls of lands most afar

Upon the earth vines grows long

Grope the belly of the wide dirt earth

Like a leach it feast, a feast for long

Squeeze the life right out of earth

Witness the ebb and the fall of tide

Saw much to make one cry

But what adjust has it brought out wide

To the breath of this me, the wry

Have fallen, been carried by arms kind

In the end to be fallen again, but why

Lost, been found, the love of many kind

Still again to be lost anew, but why

The last a maiden of fair maddened smile

Gone to dust all reason crumbling down

A knife to heart, bliss a while

Left to be washed over and river down

Blink thence close with whispered words

Pledge given under swollen moon

Ties made upon be gone off the cord

To be lost as the moon under made, soon

Moments shared in embrace of both

Peace of mind in squabbles that's long

Time lost past is such such long

To end with a relation of no worth

But still I lay to think of the time gone

Of the time that was but before

Waiting the returning feet

Wishing, that it was she at the door

Whenever despair tarried in

An eye turned away not to see

Even then reborn came they in

Though iron bound was my will

I stalked shadows that the fire wrought

To myself I tried to convince her return

Lengthened in such the time I fought

But a lesson about truth I failed to learn.