Myths of the Dead!!

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By Jupiter health stirs

In bosom rasp otters

Like dogs the heat arose

Till breath cease to a droll

Of flesh sweat close

Pour a swing o pain'l sores

Aches in arched clause

Creases the bushy brows

Lotions in veils to no avail

Tones of skin to conjurers verse

Sculptures to carpenters boards

Age cometh astride of tides horse

In potions one dwells on

Brandish some brandy downs

Whilst rubs of oils vapors close

To some, a moment brought

Rise of hope to a minutes break

Bent by the nail on the coffins face

Crosses, dear Holy Ghosts

Allah to the Buda's note follow'rs

The same death cometh to all

Wither in loam or waters grasp

Pulp of self be gnawed away

To a cage slow wither away

Left to witness the morrow

A fire to torch in slow awake

Such to grinds bones to ash

Cinders to disperse along

Till remains a memory alone

To a fog like winter smog

White as the sheet cleansed

Dust of time bites away, away

Till smote be even the recall

With telling it chameleons on

To fiction to meanless words

Survivors to myths

Surplus just bygones