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Essay by scion October 2006

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I think, in my opinion, I have been influenced by my parents as Democrats to help find a party for myself. However, I do not just yet completely sell myself to one party, yet I do feel that when the time soon comes, I will register as a Democrat because I know my beliefs reside in that direction. I know that throughout most of my lifetime when I can recall certain elections, I have swung "my" own personal "vote" towards the Democrat even when I did not fully comprehend the matters of government. There are times when I am stuck in the middle between certain affairs.

Civil Rights is important to me, because I am not fully white and discrimination always plays a part in whatever we do. I am half Peruvian and the other half consists of eastern European through far descent, however my mother was born here in New York City.

My mother grew up during the times of heavy protest and racial discrimination. And I have enough knowledge about the Civil Rights movement to know that civil rights are still so important to people. It does not matter how many acts are passed for civil rights there will always be discrimination and hard prejudice against certain people because of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, where they live, how they live, etc. I am all for civil rights because I want to see minorities have a better opportunity than they might have now. I am not solely siding with minorities nor am I siding with the majority. I am siding with equality.

The war in Iraq seems to have been a mistake in the first place; the kind of mistake that has allowed for certain countries that were once neutral or our allies to turn against us in...