My Ideal Mate is a creative piece that explains some of the wants and wishes as well as the trials and tribulations of a young woman seeking out companionship.

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My Ideal Mate

Momma always told me to be careful of whom I loved. My daddy always told me to make sure he's right. I learned through the method of life that I have to set my own standard of rules for relationships, but since I am my parents' child, my rules have a little splash of them in them.

Sixteen. Finally, I'm going on my first date. I had wanted so long and hard for that day that I could have tasted it, and finally it came! I was supposed to go see a movie with my boyfriend of eight months. I was faced with several dilemmas; --what to wear, --how to do my hair, -- what movie to see, -- what time, --how will we get there, -- will my mother embarrass me? All of the contemplation led to my first rule. I have to have a boyfriend with a car.

Three months later, I thought I had it all. My boyfriend of now eleven months got a car for his seventeenth birthday. We were in the wind, never to be found. Only one problem arose, where to go. One particular day, he and I went to the park for a picnic. Just the two of us alone, together, or at least I thought. Some where in between the last course and the first kiss of the evening, the town junior soccer league decided to go for a long goal, right in the middle of our potato salad. My second rule then came about as I wiped potato chunks from my forehead. I must have a man with an apartment, well at least when I get old enough anyway.

Soon after, I developed a taste for older men. By the next summer I had a new boyfriend in...