My First Love Proposal

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As I open, a shutter close

Maw search for the lost words

As out come meaningless clause

Punctuation's and senseless pause

A smile I stretch, forms a sneer

Chunks of food there held by the cusp

Along with the whiff of the last sup

Rode snarled in wind-mare's husk

Eyes held, a stare stormed

Veins of desire in web ensnared

Pupil in eternal dilute stare

Peeked the lines of oceans tear

My hands waved, to paint the air

But to it I flourished much confuse stock

As in its dear flight came a stroke

To cheek that broke into break a revoke

Needless to speak, gainless to be told

That a monster of her I hath mold

The Angel bound in vicious hulk hold

That spared my neck but staved my adore