Multimedia is all about communication in several ways.

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A typical multimedia application is has the features of the use of digital technology, have interaction with users, and the integration of sound, images, text and data into seamless applications.

In journalism, the most important relationship are being transformed by the new media. (Pavlik, 2000) I believe most people will agree to that. With the new technology the ways of communication is no longer just a voice or text, we have multimedia, which is a combination of different integration. A media revolution occurs when the new style of technology exponentially amplifies the power and information of previous technologies, which then produces the substance of an information revolution that challenges the prevailing worldviews and forms the existing culture.(Vacker, 2000)

Multimedia allows a same piece of information to be presented in a better way. For example, there is no way that I can use present my project in just text form or just hard copies pictures.

Director is a great tool for my project. As my project is aiming for users to brows Melbourne University's in student's view, I would like to give the user a more interactive selection for them. Director allows me to set the set up different section for the user to seek in and have a control to different options, and the combination of sound, pictures and effects would able deliver a more interesting, motivating and exciting experience for audit compare to the old mediums. Because it (digital writing) is intensely interactive and yet nearly frictionless, computer work involves more prolonged strain then does pencil or typewriter. (Heim, 1993)

Many of the multimedia products are internet access required. This is because the Internet is a great connection tool. For example, NBA live 2006, also you can play with out the internet access, however, if you have internet access,