Mrs.Mallard's Problem based on "The Story of An Hour"

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Mrs.Mallards problem is one which is deep rooted and emotional. She yearned for a more fulfilling life and the ability to appreciate the beautiful things which life had to offer. From "The Story of An Hour", the reader can conclude taht the life which Mrs.Mallard lived with her husband made her unhappy. It seems taht the life she wanted was very different, when compared to the life she lived with her husband. The fact that she was overwhelmed with joy at the news of her husband's tragic death is indication of how helpless she felt, having no one to turn to or comfort her in her times of need. I would not consider the story of Mrs. Mallard as a problem. It is understandable for anyone who feels imprisoned or trapped to be ecstatic at the sight of freedom. The reader not only understands the situation, but feels compassionate towards how miserable she must have been.

The life which many imprisoned people live is similar to that which Mrs. Mallard lived. During incarceration a person has no say in what goes on. They have requirements which have to be met throughout a given day. They have to live through the hours which ahve been assigned to them by correctional officers. Basically, they live the life taht someone is asking of them to live while incarcerated. Yes it is true that those that are incarcerated have comitted crimes but I am not talking in reference to taht but more or less the similarity in the type of lifestyle that is lived during incarceration. This is very similar to the life which Mrs. Mallard lived, under the roof of her husband, having to abide by all his rules, being a good wife and doing what was expected of...