"Who Moved My Cheese" A book review and learnings

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"Everything except 'change' will change", is the essence of this book, beautifully written by Dr Spencer Johnson. He is famous for his books which based on simple concept or obvious things but gives strong and powerful message. "Who moved my cheese" is a simple, small book that anyone can understand it yet it is very contemporary and useful and make even a wise person to ponder over. The central message of this book is how to effectively and positively deal with change that brings happiness or even make you more competent for survival in this fast pace world.


The story which Dr Johnson narrated using fictitious characters seems quite real in today's environment. The comparison of "real world" as "maze" and "what you want in life" as "cheese" are quite realistic and fit suitable for people across age, gender depending upon their situation. "Sniff", "Scurry", "Hem", "Haw", the four characters in the story has distinct characters and they deal with the world according to it.

"Sniff", the mouse has great sense of smell often tries to find out the right direction before taking any action. Using its ability to know the proper direction it minimizes the risk of failure. "Scurry" has the ability to run faster and can cover more distance in less time. It moves ahead to find cheese without bothering much about direction as it can quickly follow another path in case of failure. The characterization of "Hem" "Haw" are typically like normal human being who has the ability to think, analyze and learn from past. In any situation they use their complex brain to comprehend the situation and act according to it. Hem denies and resists change as he fears uncertainty in life. He believes that the future will be...