Moral commitment

Essay by sexisteph883 November 2006

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My Faith as a Christian isn't that committed, I am for periods at a time, but for the most part No not that committed. Philosophically speaking I am committed to reason, like to have a reason for why things work the way they do. I mean I believe there is a God. But what kind of God?

If my country started to recruit eligible members to the army and you didn't have a choice it would up-set me because of the way we have it now. The way we have it now is you "chose" to be in the army, not... "you don't have the choice." I don't think the commitment to a religion is what a person should be committed to. I believe a person should be committed to their faith, because your faith is what is going to get you places, regardless of what another person says.

That's what is wrong with religions, they block the real thing, they make you pay to much attention to what is not so important, rituals, non-sense. But that's just my opinion.

I do what I think is wright, what I've, learned is right. I don't go to church, so I don't have much good or bad influence besides my parents and school which are the good influences .

Doing the right thing has to do with your influences you have around you. If you hangout with bad people your going to be bad, unless you're a really strong person. And if you hangout with good people you are going to be good. That's pretty much what everything has to do with in this world.