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'Money makes the world go round.' This is a common quote, but what makes this true? Is it the fact that people will do anything for money? Can money buy happiness? Or is it simply because money is used for everything? From buying food to houses, paying the bills for water or electricity, and for paying other people who provide you with a service, we all use money to do it.

People want money so that they can have they things they need and want. They think that all they need is money to be happy. Research from Pennsylvania State University, proved that people with a higher income, tend to be happier than people with a low income. This may be because that the people with more money can satisfy their needs, and do not need to worry about paying the bills, and about the food they want.

This shows that money is important because the amount of money a person has can influence their happiness.

In medieval times, a family was put into a group, depending on their wealth and income. The lower class were the servants, who did not get paid much. Then the middle class, which consisted of the business owners. They were paid reasonably, and could live off their pay. And the upper class, who did not need to work, since they inherited money. This shows that even in the fifteen hundreds, people lived according to their wealth.

'Money makes the world go round'. This quote can be very much true. Money is what we need to survive. We use money to do almost everything. We buy the food from supermarkets with money. If we did not use money, what else could we use? The only other real option is to...