Modern Man

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Drest me and send me off

With wit & lavish thoughts

With a hand that carry half a loaf

Of sanity dipped in buttered insanity yore

Off, Off to the dragons keep in the darklin' woods

To the algorithmic palace of wizards old

With a whisper of understanding in floods

To embrace the man in me I am told

One argument one, detract two, still was none

Whilst, 'I' was singular for oneself not an organ

And we were unfolding of primate sons

Who in fact was not born and never made

For creatures of past in bones have told

With there offspring scatter over globe

Of its creeping story into primates most bold

And never once did they preach of a god

Progeny was not a blessing but eggs with sperm

And coition but a pleasure and nothing more

Something for peruse with toys of paranorm

Till the day's come when pills only raise your core

Whilst mother never have to supine in pain

If a cold steel could open the belly to show the way

With draughts keeping the expectants in vain

If they were inclined to trade it with a noble pay

Yes, drest me and send me off my rope

Off of my books of a chimera world

From Tolkien to arms of Camoens soap

And 'long to arms of wizen Einstein fold

Where time is relative and gravity strong

And centrifuges break DNA that we hold

As microscopes and gears probe no wrong

Tube siblings tempered for convalescents am told

So drest me and I shall be off