Migration of Italians

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Migration of Italians had started between the years of the 1940-1950 and the population of Italians in Australia had increased by a large amount. A lot of help was like lending money and given a place to stay when arrived in Australia was given by families that had already been living in Australia. Many reasons of why Italians started migrating to Australia, was of the Post world war trends, the demographic pressure and the industrial expansion of the reconstruction period in Australia. Also another reason was that other countries like the United States had a large population and hadn't accepted any immigrants. The many areas in which the Italian immigrants had mainly settled were in country areas of Victoria, Queensland and Griffith, NSW (Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide). The Influence that Italians had and still here today would be especially the foods by opening restaurants and the clothes selling designed from Italians, and also their music was big in the years of the 40's and 50's.

Also the culture they had brought along was one famous celebration the cultural heritage festival still held in Lygon St today. The problems the Italian migrants had faced after arriving in Australia was mainly that they did not know how top speak the language and trying to learn it was also hard and understand other Australians, another was also hard to find jobs and being away from other family members was difficult and needing company. Many jobs were taken by the migrants by both men and women. Men mostly worked in farms as labourers and farmers and worked in factories and men also found jobs in heavy industries, building and construction and as skilled tradesmen. Women found jobs in light industry or shops, cafes and other small businesses and then soon at developed their own business. Even today Italian have made many contributions to the cultural, the social and economic life to Australia. Also Italian Australians are famous for the politics, sport, journalism, the law, the music, and the arts they have been involved in. Between the years of 1947 and 1981 a quarter of the 400,000 who came to Australia had returned of both home sickness and the missing of family members which were left behind. A satisfactory degree of economic security and home ownership was the seen for hard work of those who had stayed in Australia.