"Of Mice And Men" (Key Moments)

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Cultural Background

"Of Mice and Men" was set in America in the great depression. It is shown by the racial comments that are made by the actors when they talk about a black person. Many times the characters say nigger which now is not accepted any where but back then it was just normal to treat people that way. It is also shown at how the people at the ranch treat Lennie just because he is different.

Key Moments

In one key moment in the play Lennie kills Curly's wife. He does it by accident because he can't control his own strength. She asks him to feel the fabric on her dress but he accidentally breaks her neck. He runs away to the river. People in the town find out about this and go to find Lennie to kill him. George hears about it and goes to find Lennie.

He goes to shot him because he knows that the other people will hurt him more. He finds Lennie sitting by the river. He talks to for a while calming him down. Then when Lennie is facing the river listening to George, George shoots him in the back of the head. Lennie falls to the floor. Then he gets up turns to face George and walks of the stage. Then you see back to the prostitute's room and welcomes in curly.

When Lennie kills Curly's wife the lights dim to show that she is dead. It also does it to darken the atmosphere. When Lennie is sitting by the river he is sitting on the bed. It is being used as the riverbank in this scene. On the back wall there is a projection of a river and there is soft lighting to make the scene very calm. Then...