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Organizational Overview

Cox Communications is a telecommunications company headquartered in Atlanta Georgia. Its parent company, Cox Enterprises Inc, was founded in 1898 by school teacher and three term governor of Ohio James M Cox. With more than 23000 employees in 15 states, Cox provides its 6.7 million subscribers with award winning services. Among them are: video, with high definition, digital video recorder, digital cable, and analog services; high speed broadband data with multiple speed choices; and digital telephone service. (

Current procedures require new subscribers to contact the company to set up new service and schedule an installation. This can be costly to both the company and the subscriber. Customers moving in to newly constructed homes already have outlets installed in the home and question the employee about why they must pay a technician to come out to "install" outlets that are already there. Technically inclined subscribers wonder why they must pay someone to complete a job they can do themselves for free.

Installation costs start at $29.95 and increase incrementally depending upon the number of outlets the customer needs to have activated and/or installed. New customers, as well as existing customers who are transferring service to a new home, must call the company or apply online for service then wait for the technician to begin service. These costs along with the inconvenience of waiting for a technician and the lack of choices available in cable channel packages are some of the reasons given for choosing a competitor to provide service instead of Cox. The company's vision "to be the best company to work for and do business with, improving the quality of life in the communities we serve" along with its mission "to double shareholder value every five years, creating a trusted brand where innovation meets quality execution" are...