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Executive Summary

Only a block off the Queen's University campus, JJ's Café represents a gold mine of unrealized opportunity. Currently, the establishment is characterized by dark colors, limited hours of operation and poor menu selection. Thousands of students pass by a day and yet only 31% of those surveyed had ever been inside the place.

Approaching JJ's management revealed an unwillingness to co-operate with efforts to improve their current service. With this in mind, the marketing plan before you seeks to gain maximal increase in revenues while keeping the costs at an attractive level. Areas of improvement include minor renovations inside to accommodate swift take-out service, extended hours of operation to include breakfast items and late night service, expansion of the current menu to offer more variety and an emphasis on the quality aspect of the service. The various decisions involved in making these changes were based on a series of surveys, experiments and observations, as well as data collected by the Mackenzie Management Group.

The proposal as it currently stands would require approximately $5 087 to get it started and the two year return would be $10 360.

Situation Analysis

Internal Assessment

The internal analysis of J.J.'s consisted of two parts. Due to the unwillingness of the current management of J.J.'s to cooperate in this study, we were unable to totally assess all internal data. Therefore, we choose to rely on primary and secondary data.

The first part included careful observation of the business. We analyzed J.J.'s observable level of business, service and quality, through many personal visits to the premises. We were also able to assess the physical attributes of the restaurant.

We obtained a copy of J.J.'s current menu (exhibit 1.4), and were able to identify possible problems with it. Unfortunately, we were not able...