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Should Marijuana be legalized? Should people use Marijuana? Is it healthy for you? Does it cause you to use other drugs? Questions like these are always asked but who knows the right answer?

A study did say that a high incidence of progression from Marijuana to heroin and cocaine use is apparent; that the younger you are when you start using Marijuana, the more likely you are to end up using cocaine and heroin; the more often you use Marijuana, the more likely you will use another drug in your lifetime. It is proven that the more puffs of Marijuana you take, the more likely you move one to ejections and snorting of even more dangerous drugs.

Some people may think that Marijuana is not addictive, but they are wrong in many ways, you do get addicted, this is why you move on to other drugs. You get used to using Marijuana and it then does not give you a high and the feeling you are used to having, so you move on with another drug until that does the same thing; fade out, and you are then used to that drug also, so you move onto another drug again, that is addiction.

The use of any type of drug can be very dangerous but people do not realize that they are addicted to something until they have gotten way out of hand with the drug use situation. By all means people who do drugs and do not think they are addicted, they are wrong they are very addicted so by moving on to another drug does not bother them because they are not aware that they are addicted.

I have known many addicts and treatment counselors who have told me that Marijuana was virtually always the beginning of a...